An M.D. with degrees in the United States and Europe, Dr. Carchedi has more than 25 years of experience in the medical field.

After being an E.R. physician for many years, he transitioned into Integrative and Functional Medicine and now is a Certifying Medical Marijuana Physician using holistic nutritional methods for medical care.
He has been practicing Precision Lifestyle Medicine for the last few years outside of Philadelphia, PA.

He develops tailor made programs for athletes and patients, incorporating traditional and functional medicine approaches to find the root causes of your symptoms and to maximize the patients’ health in today’s demanding ​lifestyles.

An avid cyclist, who was on the medical staff for professional cycling Tour of China and the Tour DuPont, Dr. Carchedi knows the importance of maintaining a balance between the multitude of stressors patients face and the healthy lifestyle necessary for optimal performance and cancer prevention. Dr. Carchedi has lectured in the United States and Italy on the role nutrition, cancer, detoxification, intravenous therapies and what we can do to improve our health. He is a consultant for Novartis Italy and Medical Director of the Lower Gwynedd Functional Medicine Institute.

He the medical profession who co-hosts a monthly radio show called “My Heath with Tom Mellon” giving sound medical advice for the general community and first responders Police, Fire Rescue etc.

Dr. Joseph Carchedi