Doctor Lawrence Bagnell D.C. graduated from Life University in Marietta, Georgia, in 1991.

One year later, he received the 1992 Life Chiropractic Alumnus of the Year award for his selfless efforts in organizing fellow chiropractors in Dade County, Florida, during Hurricane Andrew’s aftermath. For weeks he and his colleagues provided free care to those affected by the devastation caused by the hurricane’s impact on South Florida.

Committed to a true understanding of care, Dr. Bagnell has studied and utilizes over 14 different chiropractic techniques. In the late 90’s Dr. Bagnell developed the “Bagnell Technique for Malpositioned Babies.” He dedicates his life to healing the body, spirit, and mind, and believes that the chiropractic approach is the most sensible and effective way to treat many common health problems. He also believes in the preventative power of chiropractic care.

Since 1996, Dr. Bagnell has attentively built a unique and innovative practice in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Through his passion for public speaking, he has enhanced his practice by becoming a national speaker and instructor to the community and healthcare industry. Often a guest lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing as well as chiropractic universities and organizations, he continues to educate the public about the benefits of chiropractic care for the whole family.

He can also be seen on YouTube explaining pregnancy chiropractic care and treating a few members of his practice.

In May 2017, he was searching for a new topical natural analgesic and was introduced to cannabidiol. After using a cannabinoid product, feeling the benefits and knowing about cannabis early in his life’s work, he immersed himself in studying and using cannabinoids in conjunction with nutritional and herbal support in a clinical setting. Patient responses continue to be positive.

Dr. Bagnell is always looking for natural ways to improve overall body function and health.

Dr. Lawrence Bagnell

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