Dr. Jason Lupoi graduated summa cum laude from LaRoche College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a B.S. in Chemistry, prior to earning a Ph.D from Iowa State University.

There, Dr. Lupoi began evaluating plants with analytical tools such as spectroscopy, research that continued for two postdoctoral appointments for the University of Queensland/Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and the National Renewable Energy Lab.

Before coming to RJ Lee Group (RJLG), Dr. Lupoi led research projects focused on modeling chemical properties from large data sets. These models were designed using spectroscopy coupled with analytical methods like chromatography, enabling high-throughput techniques for rapidly screening plant chemistry, including cannabis. At RJLG, Dr. Lupoi serves as a technical expert, auditor, and consultant for the WSLCB and laboratories in Nevada.

Dr. Lupoi has authored several peer-reviewed publications, has been an associate editor for Frontiers in Biotechnology and Bioengineering, and has reviewed manuscripts for several biofuel and analytical chemistry journals.

Dr. Jason Lupoi

Consulting Scientist/Analytical Chemist, RJ Lee Group