Aimee Faiella is a native of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where she received her ASN in nursing and a AS in biology.

During her 10 plus years in nursing, she has worked in telemetry, trauma, burn, and emergency nursing. Aimee’s primary focus in nursing has been emergency nursing in hospitals throughout Pittsburgh PA. and surrounding areas. She has worked as a resource RN for emergency departments, development nursing policies, procedure and education for emergency, and SANE nursing. Aimee has focused on policies and procedure development that advocate for patient focused care.

Throughout Aimee’s nursing career, she has experienced first-hand the rise in the opioid epidemic that has destroyed people’s lives, marriages, children, and homes. With heart filled compassion to help end this epidemic, Aimee educated herself on a healthier alternative to treatment and healing by becoming an advocate for “Cannabis for patients.” She concluded, patients need more effective tools to combat illnesses, addictions, and disease without the interactions and serious multiple side effects. Aimee is well versed in providing care to patients of all ages. Her passion is educating nurses and other health care professionals, but most importantly patients in the new era of cannabis medicine.

Aimee is a member of the American Cannabis Nursing Association and Emergency Nursing Association. She is a proud and devoted wife and mother of twins. She is a lifetime animal advocate who loves and cares for a variety of animals providing them a forever home on her farm North of Pittsburgh, PA.

Aimee Faiella

Registered Nurse, Cannabis Consultant