Michael Zaytsev is a Brooklyn based leadership coach, entrepreneur, and founder of High NY.

His family immigrated to America on 4/20/1991. After graduating from Stuyvesant High School, where he first came into contact with Cannabis, Michael got a degree in Economics from Claremont McKenna College.

He went on to work as a financial analyst at J.P. Morgan and then moved to Silicon Valley to work in Brand Marketing and Software Sales at Google. After teaching a Leadership and Teamwork Training Class at Google, Michael became interested in coaching. After a few years in corporate America and after suffering from a traumatic freak accident, Michael decided to finally pursue his lifelong dream of Entrepreneurship. He moved back to New York City, earned his Professional and Master Coaching certifications, and started a coaching business.

In addition to mentoring startup entrepreneurs on sales and growth strategy, Michael began volunteering for High NY. Driven to contribute to the Cannabis movement, Michael used his skills and passion for leadership development to organize education and networking events. High NY has grown into one of the world’s largest Cannabis Meetup groups. Recently, Michael had the pleasure of delivering a TEDx talk about Cannabis.

When he’s not coaching or serving the Cannabis community, Michael enjoys family time, fitness, good food, hip hop and stand up comedy.

Founder, High NY