Conservative Policy Makers want Some Food Stamp Recipients Drug Tested

Wait, haven’t we already been through this? And didn’t we learn that testing welfare and food stamp recipients was not only a waste of money but that more than 95% of them did not consume drugs? No wonder one of our most trafficked articles is How to Pass a Drug Test for Marijuana.

Now the Trump administration is considering a plan that would give states the flexibility to drug test for some food stamp recipients, the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

This so-called flexibility being bestowed upon states is also known as states’ rights, which the administration chooses to ignore when it comes to respecting states that have voted to legalize medical and recreational cannabis.

At the moment, federal law prohibits states from imposing their own conditions on food stamp eligibility.

Conservative policymakers have pushed for years to tie food assistance programs to drug testing. The double standard of making the poor prove they’re worthy of government benefits is beyond galling.

Curtailing what people can buy with their food stamps and the implication that poor people will convert their benefits directly into drugs is an undeserved insult, because there is virtually no evidence that poor people spend their money this way.

Do we make similar demands on other recipients of government aid?

Do we drug test those who receive agriculture subsidies, student aid grants, wealthy families who cash in on home mortgage interest deductions and the very individuals to whom we pay far too much to sit in the halls of Congress and the White House?

The list of admitted cannabis users among legislators is enormous.

Why do lawmakers insist on attaching strings to government aid going to the poor?

We have seen enough evidence to answer that question: their shameless hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Source: The Weed Blog


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