Weedmaps billboards educate the public about cannabis through their Weed Facts campaign.

Weedmaps has been helping people decide upon just the right strain for the right situation, then find it and, if you’re so inclined, review it.

As part of its goal to keep us educated, Weedmaps has launched yet another forum: the “Weed Facts” campaign, which is comprised 221 informative billboards in Arizona, California, Colorado, Michigan, and Oregon, as well as British Columbia and Ottawa in Canada. The huge billboards will stay up for the next several months and provide new statistics and studies around legalization.

The billboards site the source of the studies quoted on them.

“Weedmaps launched the Weedfacts billboard campaign to help dispel some of the myths around cannabis and foster real dialogue about cannabis legalization,” according to its webpage.

The campaign, which started in 2016 with a few billboards, has two goals: to foster discussion and to change the narrative of how cannabis is talked about.

The company plans on releasing at least 10 to 15 more billboards in the coming two to three months in states that have recreational cannabis legalization on the ballot.

For the current 221 billboards, Weedmaps plans on refreshing the messaging every quarter with different studies and statistics, such as the effect legalization has had on road safety, alcohol sales, opioid usage, etc.

“The genesis of the campaign was this idea that so much of the narrative around marijuana legalization was really not based on fact and what the current state of knowledge was,” Weedmaps president, Chris Beals, said in AdWeek.

“We thought by combining what we thought was a real need on fostering public dialogue on what the real facts are around marijuana legalization with our brand was a responsible way of getting information out there.”

Many are calling this campaign significant for the growing cannabis industry because advertising is so limited. The biggest digital opportunities out there – Facebook and Google – don’t allow weed advertising, notes AdWeek. TV and radio advertising can be prohibitive, not to mention complicated due to differing regulations from state-to-state regarding recreational and medical cannabis.

Beals added that the Weedmaps ad campaign will soon be seen buses, bus stops and pedicabs.

Source: The Weed Blog


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