Will Trump legalize marijuana?

With many marijuana advocates concerned about how future Attorney General Jeff Session will impact marijuana legalization efforts, including ourselves, it’s important to point out that President-elect Donald Trump could really benefit from legalizing marijuana.

While Sessions says “good people don’t smoke marijuana,” Trump has said he wants to leave legalization up to the states. Who knows if he means that or not. Beyond that, he would be smart to push for legalizing marijuana federally. Why? A few reasons.

Trump is going to need a revenue builder

Trump plans to cut taxes on many income brackets, especially the rich, and he plans to cut corporate tax rates in big ways. Furthermore, Trump has plans for big spending in the federal government. He wants to invest $1 trillion in infrastructure, even though many say that plan is a corporate handout, and he wants to spend a lot more money on the military.

With all of that money flying out the window, Trump’s administration will need to find a way to bring in more revenue. Besides his idea of closing some tax loopholes, which could help, we know by now that legalizing marijuana brings in a ton of tax revenue. Trump could find marijuana to be a big money maker.

Most Americans want marijuana to be legalized

Nearly half of Republicans support legalizing marijuana, and a majority of Americans support it overall. Millennials really support it, with 71 percent in favor.

If Trump wants to be a popular president, and it feels like his ego does want that, he should get behind legalization.

Trump’s a business man

You can debate how good of a business man Trump actually is, but he is a business man. He’s been in business his whole adult life. If he wants to show the world he supports successful industries, he should certainly support the marijuana industry.

The number of jobs that could be created by legalizing marijuana would also be huge, so that would help make him look like a good president for the economy. California alone might be looking at adding a million new jobs over an eight year period now that it’s legalized.

Source: The 420 Times
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