Three very influential marijuana companies are joining forces, and it could shake up the marijuana industry, according to The Daily Beast.

Ontario-based Canopy Growth, Netherlands-based Green House and Colorado-based Organa Brands are going into a joint venture together and will distribute cannabis throughout Canada. As The Daily Beast notes, this means they will also be able to export marijuana from Canada, because it’s legal to do so in the country.

The partners will share Canopy Growth’s 20,000 sq. ft. indoor growing facility for production, which will give the two other companies a place to operate in Canada.

“Our business has separated itself from the competition by focusing on brands and products that resonate with people but also because we’ve found creative ways to collaborate with like-minded businesses to increase the breadth of our product offering,” said Mark Zekulin, president of Canopy Growth. “From world-class breeders like our partners DNA Genetics and now Green House Seeds, to sector innovators like Organa Brands, to cultural icons like Snoop Dogg, we work with the best in order to bring the best possible cannabis forward to our customers.”

Organa Brands is known for its popular line OpenVape, which is sold throughout the United States and Jamaica. This new venture will allow Organa to greatly expand its market.

“We are incredibly excited about this new partnership – since the inception of Organa Brands, one of the key tenets of our business has been forming smart partnerships with mutually beneficial results,” said Organa co-founder Jeremy Heidl. “Working with Canopy and Green House has been a surreal moment as we continue to fully recognize the impact of what this deal means for the industry as a whole.”

With such a wide array of products and markets, this is sure to be a huge deal. Canada is currently the largest recreational market in the world, so it’s a good place to be opening up shop.

Source: The 420 Times
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