Do you suffer from a sudden strong desire for food? Ever had munchies?

This is a condition that makes you consume a lot of snacks virtually every minute of your life. It is a condition synonymous with marijuana user. The munchies only seem to affect people who enjoy consuming cannabis.

What causes munchies?

A professor of neuroscience at Washington State University believes he has unraveled the mystery behind munchies.  Jon Davis, the said professor, has been researching why marijuana increases feelings of hunger. Together with his team, he hopes that the study will greatly help them unearth a way of minimizing malnutrition synonymous with many cancer patients.

The professor exposed rats to marijuana smoke and observed their eating behavior. Obviously, it was observed, the rats exposed to the full spectrum of cannabis smoke ate more often compared to those who were not exposed to the smoke. He further found out that the hunger hormone, known as Ghrelin, was higher in rats which had been exposed to marijuana.

We are not aware of any other drug that causes munchies

The hunger hormone has been studied a lot in the past, but the professor said that was the first time studies have revealed a direct connection with marijuana. When the rats got exposed to weed, their ghrelin levels soared and they began to eat more.

Davis, the professor, said ghrelin could be the answer to the delay between consuming marijuana and the onset of Munchies. For instance, when people consume cannabis, they do not go to McDonald’s immediately. It is usually a couple of hours later.

Alternative remedy

Artificial versions of ghrelin are now available; however, they have not yet been permitted for use in humans. Marijuana could provide a safe and cheap alternative to artificial ghrelin. If successful, this alternative could be a good relief to many cancer patients who find it hard to eat adequate quantities of food.

Davis said there is a lot they want to research and try on humans in relation to this subject. All they need are volunteers to take part in the study.

Source: Medical Marijuana Blog
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