Another drug warrior is coming in from the cold. Senator Dianne Feinstein now believes the feds should stay out of California’s legal weed market.

“Federal law enforcement agents should not arrest Californians who are adhering to California law,” Feinstein told McClatchy.

Can a job offer from a cannabis start up be far off? Oh wait…she’s facing re-election in a few months.

Feinstein’s office said her views changed following meetings with constituents, especially those with children who have benefited from medical marijuana.

How did this happen after 26 years in Congress preceded by 10 years as the mayor of San Francisco?

Could it have anything to do with the upcoming Democratic primary in which Ms. Feinstein is facing a challenge from fellow democrat and State Senator Kevin de León, who accepts legal cannabis although is not a vocal champion?

“Cannabis is not his issue, but he [de León] has voted the right way,” said Dale Gieringer, California director of NORML, reported Leafly last fall.

What a difference a primary election can make, especially when support for legalization among Millennials is at 70 percent, according to a recent Pew poll, and 35 percent among Feinstein’s own generation and also very high among the baby boomers.

The five-term, 84-year-old California senator has overtly opposed the state’s initiatives to reform weed laws throughout these years. She was vocally opposed to Prop 64 as well as medical marijuana back in 1996.

Feinstein even went so far as to oppose congressional efforts to shield MMJ patients and providers from the feds, putting her smack in Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ camp.

Some cannabis advocates argue that Feinstein’s support on upcoming marijuana legalization and decriminalization bills is important, especially Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass) bill that would protect states’ rights.

Others wonder whether the promoter of “reefer madness” can be trusted and if her sudden change of heart is blatant opportunism or too little too late?

Source: The Weed Blog


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