Nevada’s marijuana sales are sky high, according to The Cannabist.

The state sold $27 million in the first month of sales, in July, and now it’s being reported August sales reached $33 million. That means the state made nearly $5 million in taxes, which will go to schools and more.

Nevada already has a large tourism industry because of places like Las Vegas, Reno and more, so it’s no surprise that sales are so large. One issue the state has been facing is figuring out where to set up social use spaces so tourists have a place to smoke when they visit. They’re currently not allowed to smoke in their hotels or in the casinos, so they need to have a place to consume. Lawmakers in the state are working on a local level to decide where social use spaces could be set up.

“Nevada, like Colorado and Washington, is entering a period where they will have very fast market growth,” Adam Orens, a founding partner of the Denver-based Marijuana Policy Group, told The Cannabist. “(Nevada is) currently in a bit of a sweet spot, because California isn’t fully online yet.”

Once California has legal recreational sales, it’s likely Nevada’s numbers will go down a bit, because people in the state won’t need to travel to places like Las Vegas to enjoy recreational cannabis. However, since it doesn’t seem like Vegas and other places in Nevada will stop seeing tons of tourists any time soon, there will still be a lot of money to be made.

Vegas and Los Angeles look primed to become some of the biggest recreational marijuana hot spots in the country, and you can bet their economies are going to benefit from that. This could cause other states to legalize as well so they can start making that kind of money. It seems there’s no looking back now.

Source: The 420 Times
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