Since you don’t have all day to be reading marijuana news, we’ve come up with a list of the most important stories from today.

Jeff Sessions might not be completely terrible on pot?

According to Capital Public Radio, a Sacramento sheriff recently spoke with Attorney General Jeff Sessions about marijuana, and Sessions seemed willing to leave small cannabis operations in states that have legalized alone.

“He didn’t see the federal government getting involved in marijuana use or low-level state, what are traditionally state and local crimes, but, I don’t think he ruled out the possibility of the federal government getting involved in larger-scale operations,” the sheriff said.

So Sessions may go after the large scale marijuana grows that have been popping up in multiple states, but he’s probably not interested in busting the guy who has a few plants in his house.

Vaping instead of smoking?

It looks like more and more people are giving up on smoking marijuana buds and are starting to vape instead. The marijuana delivery service Eaze just put out a report that shows less marijuana flower selling and more vape cartridges selling.

“Flowers went from 75% of total sales in 2015 to 54% in 2016,” the report reads. “Vaporizer cartridges, however, grew from a modest 6% in 2015 to 24% in 2016 – a 400% annual increase.”

Concentrates have also increased significantly in the past year. Eaze operates in California, and they found Northern California users like vaporizing more than Southern California users.

Men’s Wearhouse founder loves weed, apparently

The founder of Men’s Wearhouse, George Zimmer, apparently loves marijuana.

Zimmer was fired from the company in 2013, and he said part of the reason was that he “tended to be kind of a renegade,” he told Business Insider. Zimmer has been active in supporting the marijuana legalization movement, and he said him doing that has “pissed people off.”

Zimmer has been smoking since the 1960s, and he said smoking marijuana helped him fight alcoholism.

“The fact is — and I mean the scientific fact — [marijuana] is less toxic and dangerous than cigarettes and alcohol, which are the main drugs in the United States,” Zimmer said.

Source: The 420 Times
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