We’re a year into dealing with Coronavirus, what next?

If you have not done so yet, take a look at what you can do to balance your immune system while improving your quality of life with Compassionate Care Medical Professionals’ new allergy testing and immunotherapy services.

As the immune system develops it assigns different roles for available stem cells. This is referred to as cell differentiation, however depending on the exposures we have while developing we may have more cells in our body to fight one thing vs another. For example if someone grows up having a lot of exposure to allergens and their immune system differentiates many more cells over time to handle this problem in the body then it may not have produced as many cells to fight viruses. This is why it is important to understand what illnesses someone is prone to getting, it can clue a doctor in to whether or not there is a tipping of the scales dominating the system in one direction.

Immune function and dominance plays a huge role in allergies. Certain immune cells can dominate an individual’s system due to: different exposures, environments, overall health, systemic inflammation, mast cell stability, histamine release, immunosenescence, etc. It is harder for the patient that has differentiated all of their pluripotent stem cells to fight new exposures; unless of course their immune system has already developed ways to fight this because of past exposures to similar issues. This is where the idea of vaccination comes into play, a small introduction presented to the body so it may mount a response and be better able to handle the next exposure … immunotherapy is very similar but more customized than vaccination.

Upon activation of the immune response to an allergen we see an inflammatory reaction as the system sends the appropriate warriors to fight the battle at hand. High levels of internal inflammation can be caused by numerous reasons however some of the big ones that people often overlook are: Stress, lack of sleep, low hydration, poor nutrient intake and food sensitivities.

If we can figure out what is actually causing the cascade of inflammation in the body and correct it or remove that obstacle then we can create the right environment to promote health. This is where the problem arises for many patients. What are we actually allergic to? What is offending our system? There are numerous sensitivities that activate our immune system that we are unaware of. Many environmental and food sensitivities that cause inflammation can lead to bigger problems if not addressed. Sensitivities and allergies can lead to many more issues than what is popularly known. It is not just about sneezing when around ragweed or getting a tummy ache from dairy. Sensitivities can cause an exaggerated response that leads to gastrointestinal inflammation, chronic pain and even auto-immune diseases. But how do we know what it is?

Our allergy services will provide allergy testing with accurate identification of the culprits so we can reduce exposures. Our team will also provide a helpful whole health approach to balancing the immune system, natural options to reduce symptoms during the healing process and Immunotherapy that will help your unique system develop tolerance and handle future exposures.

It is well known that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) works on inflammation in the body, the first stage of an immune response is inflammatory and it has been further researched that the ECS is immunomodulatory. When taking a whole health approach to care many medical cannabis patients can gain additional benefit for balancing the immune system with internal and or topical cannabis application.

By providing customized immunotherapy treatment based on known allergies and sensitivities within each patient’s allergies and immune system we are able to promote development of immune cells known as Immunoglobulin G subtype class 4, (IgG4) which can help to block IgE allergy reactions in the body to help the patient develop tolerance.

This is even more important when we face a global pandemic that is hitting hard on those with imbalanced or weak immune systems. If a patient is used to fighting viruses, they may have built up defenses but notice they developed allergies along the way. Another example of imbalance would be when a patient grew up with really bad allergies and asthma; their immune system learned over time to produce the types of cells needed to handle these allergens, but never really developed immune cells to fight off viruses… these are the patients that we see get every cold and flu that comes around. If we boost their ability to fight viruses while removing some of the offending allergens and help them develop tolerance their immune system can achieve a greater balance. Every patient will have something they are more susceptible to, the goal is balance and the first step to balance is discovering the triggers, allergens and sensitivities while getting to know the patient and creating a customized plan for their system.

Aging and cell health play a huge role in the immune system. Immunosenescence in itself can tip the immune system as the antioxidants are depleted and not restored. Pregnancy also tends to imbalance the immune system, think about it… the immune system has to lower its defenses in order to have a viable pregnancy, otherwise your body will recognize and attack it= as a foreign invader. Our body changes constantly, especially after major life events or time in general. We must do our due diligence to promote optimal health, one of the best ways to do this is with a whole health approach to achieve balance with your allergies and immune system.

Choose a healthcare provider that will address your specific needs and work diligently to balance your unique system. Compassionate Care Medical Professionals is here to help.

Dr. Jennifer Hawks

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