Since 1974, High Times has been the original voice in cannabis. Now, they are doing an IPO for the first time ever.

You may have heard, but the iconic and steadfast stoner culture cannabis platform High Times is now doing an IPO (initial public offering) and accepting investments for their stock.

High Times’ digital media and SEO value is second to none in the cannabis space. They registered their domain in 1995…before even Google, who registered their domain in 1997.

I think we can all agree that High Times has hosted some of the most culturally influential cannabis events with their Cannabis Cup festival series, so it was exciting to hear that they are expanding the series this year and next. They are on pace to host more than 10 Cannabis Cup events in 2018, and they are expecting to host 20 in 2019.

Now, High Times has launched High Times TV (HTTV) in addition to all the other opportunities they have to offer. HTTV will be home to the best cannabis-related videos across the internet, giving creators and fans a much-needed resource to find entertainment and information that’s been made increasingly difficult to find as social media platforms continue to restrict content featuring marijuana.

“While High Times has built a powerful subscriber base across print, digital and social media, it’s not enough to just produce content for those platforms,” said High Times CEO Adam Levin. “The huge demand for mobile-friendly premium video includes a real hunger for the cannabis-related content that social-media sites are all too often blocking. High Times’ new channel intends to satisfy that hunger, ensuring that we can reach our loyal audience wherever they may be, on whatever platform they use. It’s another way to serve our fans.”

Also, in true High Times pioneering fashion, they are even accepting some of the leading cryptocurrencies during their equity-crowdfunding process under Regulation A+ of the JOBS Act. Forbes covered it, explaining that a powerful bridge could be built between these industry outliers with High Times having the clout that cannabis and cryptocurrency can use to their benefit.

Parties interested in the High Times public offering are now able to purchase shares in High Times for as little as $11 each (a 10-percent discount to the anticipated strike price of the Nasdaq listing scheduled for later this year) at

Source: The Weed Blog


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