Green Gone addresses the fundamental scientific and mathematical challenges involved in passing a drug test for THC.

Green Gone Detox is a product developed and sold by a group of pharmacists based in Ohio. Their goal was to design a THC Detox kit that provides a permanent detox by physically pulling metabolites out of the user’s urine. Through 2 years of clinical testing, the ingredients and doses were tailored specifically to withstand new challenges presented by rigorous lab testing, previously unaddressed by many other products on the market.

Green Gone Detox is designed to decrease the amount of time it takes to pass a drug test for weed, or your money back! Green Gone offers kits in 3 different lengths based on your needs. Not sure what you need? They also have an assessment via their website to help you see what would best suit your needs. Here is the link: THC DETOX CALCULATOR

Why do so many common methods not work?

Many common methods don’t address the fundamental scientific and mathematical challenges involved in passing a drug test for THC.

Here’s a brief overview of why many methods fail:

Abstinence alone – often isn’t realistic if the test is coming up in a couple weeks. The baseline clearance varies greatly from person to person, but we have had customers contact us that have been trying on their own for 3 months or more! You often don’t have that kind of time. However, depending on several factors such as your age, weight, gender, and prior usage (also consider the THC strength involved) you may have enough time to wait it out.

Masking agents and drinks – These may help slightly if you are already close to passing. If not, there will still be no realistic way to test under the detectable limits. Additionally, some masking agents and diuretics are easily traceable by the lab, resulting in an automatic failure! I read a story in the news just the other day that Robinson Cano (MLB baseball player) failed a test recently. What did he get caught for? No, not steroids or an illicit drug explicitly – he got caught using furosemide (a prescription strength loop diuretic). Which he probably was using to try to dilute out his sample to hide a PED or illicit drug. So, depending on the stringency of the lab processing the sample, which you often may not know in advance, don’t roll the dice with this approach.

Fake urine or substitution – We always take the STRONGEST STANCE AGAINST this. Why? Simply put, not only will you fail the test if caught, but doing this is a criminal offense in several states, punishable by law and far more worrisome and impactful than failing a drug test. Depending on your state, this is considered a form of fraud with fines, probation, and even jail time. You can get caught in several ways:

  • If the temperature is out of range, the color is off.
  • Your creatine concentration is too high or too low
  • It is fake and has a preservative added that has no reason being in real urine.
  • Any number of reasons a lab technician or facilitator believes it to be fake or tampered with.

One customer that came to us after being caught because they said his sample didn’t “smell like urine”. Then the lab then flagged his sample and did further confirmatory tests to prove that it was indeed fake.

Other detox kits – May cut your time to a clean test down slightly, but often don’t address all or even some of the fundamental challenges to eliminating THC from your system to pass a urine drug test. Many have a single ingredient which binds some metabolites in the gut. Which helps slightly, but overall detox is much more complex than that, and this alone won’t decrease your cleanse by any significant amount of time.

Dilution – With straight water or diuretics as previously discussed. If the sample is too dilute the serum creatinine or specific gravity may be too low, again resulting in non-acceptance by the lab itself. At best they may let you retest if they think it was accidental. At worse, test centers may consider this an automatic failure. This is what an “invalid” or “inconclusive” test is. Not surprisingly, employers don’t like this. It is under even more scrutiny in legal situations.

Other homemade methods: Certo (liquid dietary fiber), bleach, additives etc. – These methods are not only theoretical and unproven but also can be extremely harmful. Especially drinking bleach. Please don’t do that. Don’t kill your kidneys and end up on dialysis. Adding things to the sample is also considered tampering and a form of fraud in many states, not to mention easily detectable.

There is a much better way. Let us introduce you to the Green Gone Detox approach.

How Green Gone Detox is different

First, completing the Green Gone Detox course allows the user to provide their own physical urine sample with confidence. It is real urine, and it is really from you, so you don’t have to worry if the test will be witnessed or being caught in some other way by the lab with fake urine or a substitute sample.

Second, Green Gone allows the user to maximize clearance of THC metabolites, while taking our regimen. We hit THC metabolites from 5 known different scientific angles by:

  • Alkaline influence on urine.
  • Breaking off metabolites from blood proteins known as Albumin.
  • Increasing output of liver enzymes known to further breakdown THC.
  • Increase urine output.
  • Increase binding potential of metabolites in the gut.

Learn more here: How it Works!

Finally, it is both a time and cost-effective approach. We provide 3 kits based on your personal attributes and needs.

All kits feature come with:

  • 5 free medical grade THC test strips!
  • Free priority shipping!
  • Express shipping available for only $20!
  • Backed up by our money-back guarantee!

Source: The Weed Blog


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