Yes, there are ways CBD will make you sleep like a baby.

It’s also one element in cannabis that’s apart from healing individuals worldwide. It’s known to ease illnesses such as arthritis, high blood pressure, anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, epilepsy, and much more. One most current symptom humans have is insomnia. In some cases, some individuals have trouble falling asleep and wake up several times through the night. CBD oil is able to come in and reverse this by allowing individuals to sleep through the night. There are many ways CBD can make you sleep like a baby, but we’ll divulge 3 ways CBD oil can you sleep through the night.

A 10-Year-Old Insomniac Girl Slept Well After CBD

Being an insomniac isn’t everyone’s best friend. Unless you like waking up at night for hours and never falling asleep. However, one 10-year-old girl didn’t like having insomnia. It was a case issue recorded by the NIH about how CBD oil was an alternative treatment to the melatonin medication she was using.

It Just Might Increase Your REM State During Sleep

One way CBD will make you sleep like a baby concluded a study called “Effects of acute systemic administration of cannabidiol on sleep-wake cycle in rats”. The rats with CBD had a longer REM state of sleep. This also increased the time they sleep, according to the journal of psychopharmacology. Yes, it was in rats, but this gives us it’s potentiality to increase our REM sleep, meaning more sleep.

Reduce Nightmares Associated With PTSD

In addition, CBD helps reduce the amount an individual wakes up during the night, because of PTSD. According to a report called, “Sleep Disturbances: Implications for Cannabis Use, Cannabis Use Cessation, and Cannabis Use Treatment”, it gave an overview of 69% of young adults with PTSD. The report stated the individuals slept well at night because of their use with cannabis. Among many other ways CBD will make you sleep through the night, this sleep problem is more troublesome.

Moreover, other reports mention veterans with PTSD sleep better with CBD than without it.

Overall, cannabidiol is an element extracted from cannabis, which helps those with sleep disorders and even those with mild sleep problems. These are the ways CBD will make you sleep like a baby in case you need it.

Source: The 420 Times
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