The states of Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington all received letters from Attorney General Jeff Sessions on July 24 where he questioned their recreational marijuana programs.

If we haven’t repeated this enough, Jeff sessions hates marijuana and believes a lot of myths about it. How did they respond? Well, Alaska and Washington at least didn’t take it too kindly.

Sessions’ letter claimed there were serious health and safety concerns connected to these recreational marijuana programs.

“Your letter … makes a number of allegations that are outdated, incorrect, or based on incomplete information,” Washington Gov. Jay Inlsee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson wrote in response. “Some of the statistics cited in your letter are simply incorrect, or based on misreading of their context.”

So, not surprisingly, Sessions was using skewed data to prove his existing opinion.

“Your letter repeatedly fails to distinguish between marijuana activity that is legal and illegal
under state law,” the response letter reads. “Instead, it conflates the two in a manner that implies that state-legal marijuana activity is responsible for harms actually caused by illegal marijuana activity.”

The letter also discussed the issue of states’ rights at certain points, which as a Republican, Sessions should understand.

The letter claims these men have tried to set up meetings with Sessions, but he has been unwilling to arrange any. It seems rather than actually converse with people running these programs, who have seen the successes and areas where they can be improved, Sessions would rather scream about how marijuana is a gateway drug that makes you insane.

“As the industry matures and new issues develop, we will continue to refine the regulatory framework and remain open to accommodating federal concerns,” the letter reads.

It’s unlikely meeting anyone is ever going to change Sessions’ mind about marijuana, but maybe he’ll give up on going after this thriving and beneficial industry at some point.

Source: The 420 Times
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