Full Yes We Cann! And Elevated States Programming Will Align, Educate and Support New and Existing Medical Cannabis Patients

Washington, DC — Today the American Council of Cannabis Medicine (ACCM) announced that Pennsylvania is fully opening up for historic Yes We Cann! Advocacy initiative and state centric Elevated States program this week.

“ACCM is thrilled to bring the full Yes We Cann! and Elevated States programs to Pennsylvania. We have incredible members in the commonwealth, they have a great medical-cannabis program.” says, Scott Rancie,  Vice-President of Members Services for ACCM. “Initial outreach began a few days ago (connecting with 60,000+ current medical-cannabis patients), several physicians and dispensary managers. Like other states, people are very excited to participate in the program..”

Elevated States—ACCM’s state growth and outreach program—works with Yes We Cann!. Focused on expanding physician participation and patient access through extensive outreach and education programming.  ACCM works closely with members in each state to help educate new patients and support existing patients.

As part of ACCM’s Commitment Program, our newly expanded Elevated Membership initiative launched in Pennsylvania today. It provides extensive health and wellness programming for existing medical-cannabis patients.

In February, Compassionate Certification Centers of Butler (Pennsylvania) was selected as a Distinguished Physician Partner.  ACCM’s highest physician group designation. To date, only eight other physician groups have received designation across the nation. Providing a major element for launch of Pennsylvania. Having a Distinguished Physician Partner group in the commonwealth, means we start with a huge resource and advantage.

“We are very pleased to have been selected as the only Distinguished Partner Physician group in Pennsylvania.  ACCM’s recognition of Compassionate Certification Center as a leader and innovator is an honor.” Say’s Melonie Kotchey, Chief Executive Officer of Compassionate Certification Centers “Our team of quality doctors and industry professionals is excited to be a part of the Elevated States initiative, helping with new patient education and existing patient support.  ACCM’s commitment to helping patients is fully aligned with our vision and mission.”

Yes We Cann! Began full advocacy work in fourth quarter 2021.  Today the program has had between 1-2 million conversations, working with over 500,000 people. The Yes We Cann! Initiative is building the nation’s largest pool of medical-cannabis advocates to support upcoming federal legislation and state initiatives, like delivery in Pennsylvania, veteran assistance in Florida and patient/physician access in Utah. And, the soon to be announced, Research Accelerator Compact. Yes We Cann! is supported at www.yescann.org.

“Opening our program in Pennsylvania and working to bring delivery to help patients is very exciting, it will make a huge difference, especially for seniors.” says Glen Caroline, Head of Advocacy and ACCM Outreach Committee Co-Chair. “We have great members in  Pennsylvania and expect rapid expansion of Yes We Cann! there.”

The American Council of Cannabis Medicine is the “Voice of American Medical Cannabis.” ACCM represents America’s medical-cannabis industry, which supports millions of U.S. jobs and is backed by a growing grassroots movement supporting millions of beneficiaries. Members produce, process, and distribute medical cannabis through state-licensed programs, as well as, supporting companies, healthcare industry, physicians, researchers, health/wellness providers, insurance companies, systems, and patient advocacy groups. They participate in ACCM’s 15 standing area-centric committees. ACCM was started in 2016 as a Capitol Hill working group and has developed into a mission driven 501c4. Our pressing objective is to facilitate legislation that advances medical cannabis at the federal level and improve state access.

Reach the American Council of Cannabis Medicine at 202-349-9650, or visit www.accmforum.org.

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