How much do you know about marijuana? There’s a ton of information about marijuana within the online vortex, but only a few you possible remember.

It’s why we’ve gathered 3 fun facts you may not know about. This is why these 3 fun facts about marijuana will knock your socks off.

1. Survival Necessity of Spanish Voyagers

Expeditions conducted through sea travel in the early days would take months and even years. Since chunks of a land area were not yet explored that time, food was scarce. Survival in the middle of nowhere is puny. But marijuana is considered as precious as gold (same value as spices) during those times. It is lightweight and can help explorers gain energy during dizzy and tough exploration.

2. Fashionable Clothes

The fibrous part of marijuana, known as marijuana hemp is used to manufacture fabric. A lot of people do not know that there are textiles that are produced from marijuana hemp for clothing and household fabric linings. There are a large number of demands for the hemp of marijuana because of the cheaper production cost compared to other raw materials.

3. Cosmetics

Yep, you read it right! Marijuana has essential oils. Professional chemists can extract oil and other important content from the marijuana plant and then use those as the compound component for cosmetic products. It is believed that natural oil from this plant is effective in helping increased faster cell growth. In addition, it also slows down unwanted skin degeneration.

Overall, the uses of marijuana vary far, wide, and in between. There’s only so much any human can retain as cannabis education is in-depth. Society might as well have a whole college covering it.

Source: The 420 Times
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