Can you use medical marijuana for epilepsy?

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    Medical marijuana has quickly become a treatment option for many illnesses.

    These illnesses range from anxiety and depression to physical problems like joint pain and pain from chronic illnesses like arthritis. Today, there are over 3.6 million legal medical marijuana users in the United States. Among the many illnesses marijuana can treat, is epilepsy. This is a common neurological condition associated with the brain and it causes patients to experience seizures.

    Why Medical Marijuana for Epilepsy?

    There are approximately 3.4 million people in the United States suffering from this condition with 470,000 of them being children. Epilepsy can affect anyone at any age but it is most commonly seen in young children and adults over 60 years of age. Common symptoms of epilepsy include:

    • Loss of awareness
    • Violent jerking movements also called fits
    • Staring blankly into space
    • Fainting

    Epilepsy can happen at any time and it can drastically affect a person’s life if it isn’t treated appropriately. Some medications can keep the symptoms under control and medical marijuana for epilepsy has shown promising results for epilepsy patients.

    If you have the typical symptoms of epilepsy, you should get yourself diagnosed as soon as possible. To get started on your journey, give us a call on 888-316-9085.


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    What triggers epileptic seizures?

    Epileptic seizures happen when nerve signals traveling through the body are disrupted, causing the patient to have a fit.

    The cause for these seizures vary; it could happen due to your genetics or even due to a brain injury from an accident. There is, however, no evidence that epilepsy is hereditary.

    Flashing lights are often considered to be a significant cause of epilepsy, although epileptic seizures from lights are not as common as previously thought. Some other known triggers are:

    • High-temperature fevers
    • Stress
    • Alcohol consumption
    • Lack of sleep
    • Dehydration
    • Hormonal changes
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    How does medical marijuana help with epilepsy?

    Medical marijuana has two major components, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). These compounds are cannabinoids.

    Both of these compounds interact with cannabinoid receptors called the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain.

    According to researchers, CBD in medical marijuana plays a key role in treating seizures. CBD slows the movement of electrical messages in the brain or lowers the calcium level in the brain which affects the nervous messages between cells, in turn helping prevent seizures.

    It should be noted, however, that medical marijuana for epilepsy may not work for every individual. The cause of epilepsy in people vary, so treatments will vary as well.

    If you want to try medical marijuana to treat epilepsy, consult a physician first.

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    What can we do for you?

    At Compassionate Certification Centers, we can help you find relief for your epilepsy symptoms by giving you access to medical marijuana for treatment.

    We do this by giving you all the support you need to get yourself a medical marijuana card that will allow you to legally use marijuana for medical purposes.

    We will give you a medical assessment and support you every step of the way until you receive a medical marijuana card from a licensed doctor.

    Other services we offer:

    • Allergy testing and immunotherapy treatment
    • CBD consultations
    • Endocannabinoid DNA testing
    • MMJ certification and recertification
    • Naturopathic medical support
    • Nutritional services

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which strains of medical marijuana are effective at treating epilepsy?

    Some strains of marijuana are more effective at treating certain illnesses than others. For epilepsy, the following strains are considered effective:

    • Charlotte’s Web
    • Cannatonic
    • Harlequin
    • ACDC

    Do I need a prescription for medical marijuana?

    You don’t need a prescription but you will need a physician’s recommendation. With their recommendation, you can legally take medical marijuana. Keep in mind, however, that state regulations on the use of medical marijuana will still apply.

    Is medical cannabis addictive?

    Compared to drugs like opioids, medical marijuana is not nearly as addictive, with only 9% of marijuana users becoming dependent on it. When you’re taking medical marijuana, it will be under the supervision of a licensed doctor, so it will be unlikely that you will become addicted.

    Is marijuana a safe treatment option?

    Medical marijuana is a safe treatment option, though some individuals may have some minor side effects. Marijuana affects everyone differently, so it’s recommended that you undergo a medical evaluation for allergies and other potential issues before trying to use it for treatment.