CBD Cancer Treatment: What You Need to Know

CBD has quickly become a treatment option for many conditions, including cancer. Learn more about CBD cancer treatment from our experts at Compassionate Certification Centers. To get started, give us a call on 888-316-9085 or complete our online form.

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    It’s estimated that 80,000 adults between the ages of 20-39 are diagnosed with cancer every year in the United States.

    Why cancer occurs is not well understood but it has been linked to genetics and exposure to chemicals called carcinogens. Cancers exist in different forms and can affect any part of the body, including the bones.

    Why CBD for Cancer?

    Today, there is no cure for cancer but there are ways to put it into remission or alleviate the symptoms such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

    In recent times, research has shown that cannabidiol (CBD), a major component of medical marijuana, can help cancer patients manage their symptoms and as such, CBD cancer treatment is slowly gaining popularity.

    Typical cancer symptoms include:

    • Pain
    • Vomiting
    • Fever
    • Persistent cough
    • Weight loss
    • Loss of appetite


    CBD Cancer Treatment

    How can CBD treat cancer?

    Though the effectiveness of CBD is still being researched, studies in the past have shown that CBD does affect cancer.

    CBD was observed making cancerous glioblastoma cells weak to radiation, making them easier to destroy during radiation therapy without harming any healthy cells. CBD has also been found to be effective at slowing down the growth of tumors in pancreatic cancer patients.

    Many cancer patients may experience pain and it’s possible to treat this pain with CBD. This chemical binds with receptors known as the CBD1 and CBD2 receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system and alleviates pain. CBD may also help mitigate psychological issues like anxiety that cancer patients face during their fight with the disease.

    Despite the many benefits of CBD cancer treatment, if you’re undergoing treatment for cancer and you have never tried any CBD products, only attempt this treatment after speaking to a licensed doctor.

    CBD Cancer Treatment

    Is CBD cancer treatment more effective than regular cancer treatment?

    It’s important to keep in mind that CBD is used to treat cancer symptoms and not cancer itself.

    Though there has been some evidence that CBD can weaken or destroy cancer cells, using CBD as a cure for cancer is still not accepted as a possible treatment option for the disease as more research needs to be done.

    Based on the type of cancer, patients should undergo regular treatments such as chemotherapy and only consider using CBD products to help ease their symptoms or side effects from these treatments.

    CBD Cancer Treatment

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it okay to take CBD oil during chemotherapy?

    CBD oil is safe to take during chemotherapy but you shouldn’t take it without asking your doctor first. The oil could sometimes interfere with the medication you get during cancer treatment so always let your doctor know before taking it.

    What kinds of CBD products are there?

    There are several kinds of CBD products; these are:

    • Edibles
    • Extracts and tinctures
    • Lotions
    • Creams

    How much CBD can you take?

    The amount of CBD you take depends on many factors like your age and health. If you’re taking CBD as an edible, only take small doses of about 25mg a day if you’re a first-timer, but check with a doctor first.