Robert Kowalski entered the United States Air Force in October 2006 as a United States Air Force Security Forces member.

On July 4th, 2007 Robert deployed to Camp Bucca, Iraq, returning March 2008. Robert was stateside barely 6 month when he returned once again to Iraq. This time to Mahmudiya/Abu Graub in October 2008. Robert would not return from this second deployment until January 2010. A year later in January 2011, Robert would be discharged from service. Robert is diagnosed by the Department of Veteran’s Affair’s as suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, tendinopathy in right shoulder, a deteriorating meniscus, as well as a twisted kneecap, and herniated and bulged discs. Robert also displays agorophobic tendencies. He maintains a disability rating of 90% and unemployable status. Cannabis is the only medicine suitable enough to adequately alleviate Robert’s symptoms. Robert started on the GI Cocktail in 2010 proceeding his PTSD diagnoses and at most found himself taking upwards of 6 different prescriptions a day or upwards of 20 pills every 24 hrs. Since finding Cannabis, Robert has stopped taking all pills and has become determined to end social stigmas on veterans and the use of cannabis as a medication for our nations finest.

Robert Kowalski

President, Founder V.E.T.S.