Robert Cormier has 20+ years of experience, at the highest level, in federal law enforcement as a Criminal Investigator and Border Patrol Agent.

Robert has 10 years of experience as an Assistant Special Agent in the Philadelphia region office of Labor Racketeering. He manages over 150 federal criminal cases annually, which range from single claimant benefit cases to large scale labor racketeering and white-collar fraud cases.

Robert also has 2 years of experience as the team leader for the Alpha Team-US Border Patrol Tactical Unit (Special Weapons and Tactics Team). He was the Agent in Charge of the 2002 Olympic Park City Utah Main Street venue, the Coahuila Cartel anti-smuggling operations in the Del Rio Sector, and the 2002 Advisory Team to the Honduran National Police.

Robert Cormier

ERS Vice-President/Chief Operating Officer (COO)