Kevin H. Fortin, Esq. is a Patent Attorney licensed to practice law in California and before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Digital Currency and Cannabis are related by a need to solve banking problems, libertarian ideology, and direct user benefits. Personal passion has led to involvement in both industries.

Inspired by Phil Zimmerman’s PGP paper in the early 90’s, my practice in Silicon Valley saw the internet evolve. I have worked on cryptography projects including public key cryptography (PGP) and hardware embedded cryptography pertaining to POS transactions. The Satoshi white paper began the digital currency revolution less than a decade ago by solving the double spending problem. This is the beginning of the next stage of the internet.

Skills include business development, fundraising, business strategy including licensing and IP monetization. I have closed over 50 licensing deals valued upwards of $100M in aggregate and have assisted many clients in the closing of additional patent licensing deals, and integrating IP licensing within corporate structure to achieve business continuity and successful tax planning.

Kevin Fortin, Esq.

Patent Attorney, Hoban Law Group LLC