Jim McAlpine is on a mission to change the perception of cannabis and the people that use it via athletics and sports.

This Silicon Valley entrepreneur is a father of two daughers and also the founder of “CannaDads”. Over the past 3 years McAlpine has become one of the most well known figures in the cannabis industry and known as the leading expert in the field of cannabis and athletics by creating The 420 Games. A national tour of athletic events to change the perception of cannabis.

McAlpine also created New West Summit and is a partner in the world’s first athletic edible products by CannAthlete. “Everything in Moderation Except Sweat”(TM) For Jim this slogan is a motto he both preaches and also lives by. Jim’s message is simple and applies to a global audience- anyone and everyone whose lives can be improved with the health benefits.

Jim McAlpine

Founder, 420 Games, New West Summit, CannaDads