Jasa Johnson is a trained Shamanic Healer based in Pittsburgh, PA.

As an Ordained Shamanic Healing Minister and adept Energy Healer, Jasa uses a wide variety of skills to support transformational experiences which release and heal soul traumas. Jasa blends her unique skill set to meet the needs of individual client requirements, working directly with Spirits and in the realm of “non-ordinary reality.”

Jasa believes the brain, the mouth, and the personality will lie, but the body never lies. The truth of any trauma, upset, imbalance or illness, stays trapped within flesh, and the body is always working to “course correct.” Jasa encourages clients to open new healing pathways, supporting them in returning to a place of self-appreciation, a sense of wonder about their unique story, and an awareness of their individual soul path.

Some of the luminaries Jasa has trained with include Dr. Michael Harner, Dr. Judith McKinnon, Jean Houston, Angeles Arrien, and Carolyn Myss. More about her healing practice is available at www.jasathemystic.com.

Jasa Johnson

Trained Shamanic Healer