Jane Fix began her career in the industry in November 2011. Starting at a local caregiver collective she quickly realized that many patients did not know the best way to medicate for their specific conditions.

By April of 2012 she became manager of the collective. With a college background in Botany and a degree in education, she began applying her skills to the cannabis industry. Jane spent four years as Head of Patient Services for Monarch Dispensary in Scottsdale. In May of 2016 she was hired to run the patient program for Copperstate Farms.

A long-time believer in cannabis as medicine, Jane found her niche in the industry working with new patients, seniors and patients seeking relief from specific symptoms. Voted one of the top ten influential women in Arizona cannabis in 2015, Jane spends much of her time advocating for cannabis patients.

Jane Fix

Director of Patient Services, Copperstate Farms