David Hodes is the former managing editor of Cannabis Business Executive, a C-suite cannabis business-to-business publication based in the greater Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

He is the former editor of seven different business magazines, and has written feature articles for national cannabis magazines such as Ganjapreneur, Marijuana Venture, Dope, MG magazine and Cannabis Business Times.

He is member of the National Press Club, and the deputy booking agent for the National Press Club Headliners Committee, where he has organized and moderated press conferences about medical marijuana and CBD; a point-counterpoint discussion about the current state of legalization of marijuana; and the work of civil rights activists regarding ending the war on drugs.

Hodes is also a former field producer for CBS News, NBC, NFL Network, ESPN and other media outlets; worked as a news promotions producer for two network affiliates; and was the morning news editor for a third network affiliate.

David Hodes

Editor/Reporter for the Cannabis Industry