Patrick Nightingale, Esquire

Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society and owner of PKN Law

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Patrick Nightingale, Esq

Patrick K. Nightingale, Esq., seasoned criminal defense attorney-at-law, has been deeply involved in the cannabis industry both locally and national since 2008, including the leadership of a grassroots coalition of reformers, and his spearheading successful efforts to pass Pennsylvania decriminalization ordinances.

His areas of expertise include search and seizure law, DUI law, drug crimes, white collar crimes, homicide defense, violent felonies, appellate litigation and post-conviction litigation. Prior to private practice, he spent six years with the Office of the District Attorney of Allegheny County from 1996-2002, where he successfully litigated many prosecutions, including a capital case. He brings superior experience and knowledge of the law from both sides of the legal system, and is certified to practice in United States Federal Court.

When it comes to Medicinal Cannabis news, Mr. Nightingale is the “Go-To Expert” for a wide variety of major market media outlets including KDKA TV and Radio, WTAE TV, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Pittsburgh Tribune and a host of others throughout Pennsylvania.

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