Way to go Ohio.

You’re almost there. Governor and former presidential candidate John Kasich recently announced that he signed Ohio House Bill 523 into law.

The bill “authorizes the use of marijuana for medical purposes and establishes the Medical Marijuana Control Program,” his office stated.

Ohio has a love-hate relationship with medical pot though. So does Kasich.

The law will allow medical patients with a doctor’s recommendation to get weed on the black market or in other states starting around September.

The state’s own medical marijuana dispensaries won’t be up and running for at least another year.

And you’re not allowed to smoke in public. And you can’t grow it at home. And employees can still be fired for using cannabis, even if their doctors say it’s legitimate medicine.

Kasich has called recreational legalization a “terrible idea.”

Late last year he explained his stance to Stephen Colbert. “We don’t need to take the approach where we send a confusing and mixed message to our children” – where we say drugs are bad except for this one.

Colbert said we already do that with alcohol. True.

Ohio, by the way, is now the nation’s 25th medical pot state.

Source: The 420 Times
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