There’s no doubt that marijuana is beneficial for a variety of different things, but helping you pass a marijuana drug test is not one of them.

Whether you are a habitual smoker or smoke weed occasionally with your friends, there will likely be an instance in your life when you need to pass a drug test. The most typical instances occur:

  • when you are on-boarding with a new company (or)
  • when your current employer decides to perform random or scheduled drug tests

Such cases could be extremely nerve-wracking, particularly if you discover you should take the test without any notice. But there’s no need for you to get too worked up.

If you’re looking for how to pass a drug test for THC then we recommend that you read a few of our tips below. We’ll show you how to pass a drug test for weed and reduce the risk of testing positive for THC in your system. So, if you’re ready to learn more about this topic, brace yourself and learn the truth about how you can pass a marijuana drug test.

But First, What is THC?

Did you know that THC is accountable for most of the euphoric and psychoactive effects of marijuana? It works by binding to the brain’s cannabinoid receptors, including improved sensations, paranoia, giddiness, or munchies. To make it short, THC is what makes a person get “high.”

THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) is one of the many chemical compounds found in marijuana. It is a fat-soluble compound, which is stored in the body’s fat cells. It can be traced using your blood, fingernails, hair, saliva, and urine samples. THC is the primary compound that drug tests look for to determine if you’ve used marijuana or not.

How Does the Body Absorb THC?

The most common way of consuming marijuana is through smoking. When you smoke, the effects of THC can reach a peak level within minutes. Eating them in the form of infusions and edibles is another way of consuming marijuana.

However, you will find different factors that contribute to how long marijuana stays in your system, which include:


Your physical activity, diet, and metabolism impact how long the drug remains inside your body.

How Much You Smoke

The more marijuana you consume regularly, the more THC will be present in your body.

THC Half-Life

THC’s half-life is seven days. After that time, metabolites—the breakdown product of THC—lowers by 50%. It takes approximately three to four weeks for the body of any occupational user to be free of THC.

Frequency of Consumption

Frequent and regular smokers keep THC longer compared to first-time users.

Type of Marijuana

Keep in mind that not all weed is made the same. The potency of the weed strain you’ve consumed influences your overall THC levels.


Ultimately, detoxing helps lower traces of THC in the body. You will find numerous products in the market that can help you achieve that result, get rid of the trace of drug use, accomplish clean urine, and conquer a drug test.

What are the Different Testing Methods Used to Detect Marijuana?

You will find various drug testing methods utilized to measure marijuana use. Such methods have different sample types, but there is a mutual goal: detecting THC in the body.

Urinalysis (Urine Test)

This is the most common method of marijuana drug testing. It is widely utilized in most businesses, as it is less costly than other testing methods, not to mention it’s fairly accurate. Just keep in mind that urine drug tests detect the metabolized THC, THC-COOH versus THC itself.

Hair Test

This is a less typical form of drug testing but does happen in other workplaces. Hair tests measure THC-COOH residues in the hair follicle over the past few months. However, it is often complicated to get around this method. But fret not, because you will find other options you can consider.

Blood Test

This test detects THC within your bloodstream. Compared to a urine test, this test will also show impairment. THC might not be detectable several hours after, especially for people who rarely consume the drug. Nonetheless, THC could stay in the bloodstream for a much longer time for those who consume it regularly.

Saliva Test

A saliva test is a new way of detecting THC and offers the tester much faster results. Compared to other methods above, this test can’t test for the THC-COOH, but THC only. Other people think this test provides better accuracy, but the lack of metabolite testing has resulted in some individuals assuming they are simpler to fake.

How Do You Pass a Marijuana Drug Test Easily? Practical Tips to Consider

Remember that the ideal way to pass any marijuana drug test is not to consume it at all. But there’s no need for you to worry if it’s too late. You will find other ways to hide THC within your body. Check out some of the tips below and come up with a backup plan if you might need additional help.

Normally, a random drug tests are presented with quick notice. Meaning, you won’t have enough time to prepare for the test itself. Indeed, it may sound crazy, but you need to stop taking cannabis in any form as soon as you realize you will have to take a drug test.

Whether you are a casual user or a heavy one, do yourself a favor today and stop all consumption! Take note that the longer you have before the marijuana drug tests, the better your possibilities of passing.

Don’t forget that the drug can’t be easily flushed out of your system by using ginger root tea, drinking lots of water, vinegar, cranberry juice, and other stuff. Many of such products continue to remain top of mind because of wrong testing misconceptions. Still, they won’t help you pass advanced drug testing methods.

As an alternative, consider the tips we outlined below.


Are you currently on a tight time frame? Maybe you’ve just got a notice about a random drug test and new solutions today! Lucky for you because you will find numerous detoxification products accessible. These products will help you eliminate dangerous toxins in at least a week.

If you’re not into detox products, it’s okay. Forget detox kits, detox programs, and detox pills. A normal healthy, in-shape individual can remove their body of THC metabolites, cannabinoids, and THC in four to six weeks with a good diet, water, and enough exercise.

Drinks a Bunch of Water

There’s no reason for you to begin drinking too much water days or weeks before your drug test. It is only a waste of your time as it just dilutes your urine temporarily. Your best bet is to drink at least two to three liters of water the day before your test. Then drink around one to two liters several hours before your test.

We don’t recommend drinking too much water, though. Begin with two liters max and make sure you are aware of your limits.

Take Vitamin B

It would help if you made your pee yellow (for urine test). The perfect way to do that is by using Vitamin B. Vitamin B-12, or Vitamin B-2 seem to be the most efficient for this purpose. Hence, we recommend that you stop by your local drug store and take 50mg to 100mg of those several hours before your drug test.

Stay Away From Too Much Exercise

If you didn’t know, exercise will break down all your fat cells, releasing any THC metabolites inside your system. Failing to do so could cause an increase in THC metabolite levels in your blood.

Let’s say you have a few more weeks before your test. It makes sense if you exercise to break down the fat cells and free the THC metabolites. However, we suggest you stop exercising a couple of days before the drug test.

Take a Tolerance Break for a Couple of Days to a Week

As with any marijuana drug test, refraining from taking marijuana is your ideal bet at passing. Nonetheless, saliva drug tests have a smaller detection window frame, as they could pick up on active THC particles.

Other consumers have reported passing the saliva drug tests in as little as a day of refraining from cannabis. That’s not the case at all times, but a week-long tolerance break must be enough to put you in the clear for your drug test.

Are you wondering how to pass a drug test female? Is there a difference in how to pass a drug test male? You won’t find any difference in ways of passing a drug test between males or females. The female urinary system responds to the body cleansing similarly to the male. Meaning, women can use the same remedies and tips mentioned above.

You can even utilize a donor’s urine of the opposite gender if you like to substitute the sample. Drug testing labs don’t look for reproductive or hormone cells in samples even though male and female urines have differences. Hence, you are always safe.

We hope you find this guide informative and helpful. So, what about you? Are you ready to pass your drug test? We wish you the best of luck! Consult your PA medical marijuana doctors at Compassionate Certification Centers today for more inquiries.


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