Compassionate Certification Centers focuses on medical marijuana education, while providing support and guidance to patients throughout the entire process.

We are currently opening new certification centers throughout the state in order to be ready to help patients as the PA Department of Health releases regulations. Below is a list of the services/pricing (effective Monday, July 29, 2019) that we offer to medical marijuana patients in Pennsylvania:

  • $225: New Patient Certification Fee
  • $199: Pre-Payment New Patient Certification Fee
    • Online or over the phone
  • $150: Re-certification Fee
    • For existing Compassionate Certification Centers patients
  • $175: Re-certification Fee
    • For new Compassionate Certification Centers patients
  • $75: CBD Consultation with Registered Nurse
    • In office only
  • $55: Telehealth CBD Consultation
  • $499: Complete Concierge Care
    • Includes the price of your first-time medical card or re-certification fee
    • Personalized consultation with your designated nurse
    • One-year discount on CBD purchases
    • Ongoing assistance for your medical and CBD needs

* Qualified patients per Pennsylvania conditions

Refunds will not be issued for no shows or patients who do not qualify for their medical card. Hemp derived CBD products are not a medical marijuana product as defined by Act 16. All of our providers have assured us they are in compliance with applicable law.

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