Ted Daniels

Executive Director, National Cannabis Security Association

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Ted V. Daniels

The Executive Director of the National Cannabis Security Association, Ted Daniels, has led the way in the Cannabis Security Industry.

Ted founded Blue Line Protection Group in late 2012 in Denver Colorado. He saw a need for a professional protective service to operate in a cash only industry where insurance for cultivators and distributors was also at a minimum. Ted founded the first Cannabis only security firm and was very successful. He created many innovations in the industry and his business model has been copied by other security firms that have since sprung up in Colorado. Ted was featured on ABC World News, HBO VICE, CBS this morning, MSNBC, NBC World News, Fox National, Playboy Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and other national publications. NBC news credited Ted with “riding in to save Colorado from a crime spree with the emergence of recreational marijuana”. Ted took his firm public in just over six months and expanded into multiple states providing elite cannabis protection services. Ted chaired the security committee for the Colorado Marijuana Industry Group and was instrumental in setting industry standards and guidelines. Ted sold his interest in Blue Line Protection Group in late 2014 and did industry consulting in Colorado, Washington and California. Ted worked with Venture Capital Groups, Cultivators, Distributors, investors and numerous security firms looking to expand into the industry.

Ted always felt there was a need for industry specific standards to be set across the board. This not only makes the industry legitimate, but it lets the client know exactly what they are getting. Ted witnessed numerous security firms, camera companies and other start ups jumping into the industry without the required liability insurance, worker compensation coverage, employee background checks and proper training. When people described Colorado as the wild west, they were not too far off base. The concern was that if a company did not carry the proper insurance, train it’s employees or conduct background checks, the cultivator or distributor would be the one found liable if an incident arose. 

Ted was also looking for an industry hub where an Association of vetted, qualified organizations could be found. The purpose behind the National Cannabis Security Association is so that venture groups, cultivators, distributors, consultants or any other ancillary company that is a member of the NCSA, can be put in contact with vetted, qualified, capable and professional security companies, monitoring companies and other consultants. The NCSA also provides consultations, assistance in writing security plans for an initial license application, security assessments and Ted wrote a training program for industry security personnel. Ted and the Association also work with regulatory, compliance and legislative agencies to shape the industry by recommending mandates and policies.

Ted is a retired Police Officer where he was a certified defensive tactics instructor and court recognized expert in Use of Force, Policy & Procedure. He is also a wounded combat veteran and a Purple Heart recipient for wounds received in combat in Afghanistan.

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