Shad B. Ewart

Professor and Administrator at Anne Arundel Community College

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Shad Ewart

Shad B. Ewart has been a professor and administrator at Anne Arundel Community College since 2001.

Prior to that he was a professor of business at Mount Vernon College in Washington, DC. At Anne Arundel Community College, he has served as Department Chair and Director of Business Programs. As chair he designed the curriculum for the Business Support Specialist programs, a cohort model that has been replicated in other areas of the college.

Mr. Ewart was also responsible for the development of courses for the Transportation Logistics and Cargo Security program. Mr. Ewart has also served the college on a variety of committees including being chair of the Academic Forum and the Athletic Oversight Committee. He is also responsible for the initiation of the course to explore the entrepreneurial opportunities created by the legalization of cannabis for medical use in the state of Maryland. Even though the course has been in existence for a short-time, a number of students who have successfully completed the course have already found employment in the industry or have started their own business.

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