Sandra Wittman, Nutritional Services Specialist

Find wellness, balance, and a path to eating sustainably for life.

With every bite, nourish all of yourself.

Sandra Wittman is an in-house Nutrition, CBD, and Naturopathic Medicine Specialist for Compassionate Certification Centers and Compassionate Care Medical Professionals.

Sandra utilizes her 20+ years of training and experience with nutrition, metabolic understanding, diet and genetics and pairs it with holistic treatment methods such as empathic listening, plant medicine, and mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. These all-natural alternative therapies allow her to create individualized diet-based solutions to help you not only get well…but stay well.

Combining alternative therapies, mail-order lab tests, nutritional supplements, and dietary recommendations to not only get well, but feel better throughout your life. Sandra will help you map out a clear path to individualized health, setting goals to help you reduce medications, overcome physical imbalances, address sleep, implement fitness, and soothe stress.

Sandy has an unmatched ability to effectively diagnose and treat the root cause of many medical issues. Some conditions her patients suffer from include digestive problems, menopause, hormonal imbalances, stress, PCOS, diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety/depression, hypothyroidism, sensitivity-related illness, and weight management.

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