Vaping is recognized as an act by which one can inhale or exhale water vapour generated by a vaporizer or an electronic cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes are handheld devices that revive the feeling of normal or traditional cigarette smoking. The process of vaping involves a technique whereby vapour gets generated by applying heat to a liquid called an e-liquid. The e-liquid comes in various strengths of contents categorized in milligrams. It all depends upon the user what amount of the e-liquid do they want to inhale or absorb. In recent times the vaping industry has shown a remarkable exponential rise, with the ever growing popularity of the e-cigarettes. The trend definitely exhibits a favorable and encouraging alternative to unhealthy tobacco intakes.

Over the past few years, researchers and scientists have carried out significant studies, surveys and analysis to exactly identify the reasons why people choose vaping over regular smoking. Few major reasons which the survey findings came out with are the following:

  • Quitting habit of regular cigarette smoking
  • Building and boosting the user’s social image
  • Advantage of practicing the habit indoors
  • Less costly proposition than traditional tobacco smoking
  • Vaping liquids with attractive flavors like fruit, candy to choose from
  • Favorably scented and conducive to local surroundings

It may be stated that initially vaping was considered extensively as a workaround over traditional cigarette smoking. Thus the most widely accepted reason for the users to gradually get familiarized with vaping, was to abdicate the addiction to smoking regular cigarettes. More precisely, vaping indicates a virtual smoking construct that is devoid of the various harmful effects which normal smoking inhalation imposes upon the user, like bad odor, occurrence of bad breath, probability of subjecting to cigarette burns, ash-filled dirty and unkempt surroundings, likelihood of catching cancer, allergies and other respiratory health concerns.

In the last couple of years, vaping usage trends have undergone a dramatic metamorphosis. From being predominantly an effective tool to get people off nicotine and tobacco, it has now transfigured the user to demonstrate a sense of belonging to a global popular culture, comprising of millions of like-minded members, by flaunting a super cool and fabulous “Socio-Communal” friendly image.

Researches show that around 2012, the most common factor for doing vapes was this urge to quit normal tobacco smoking, minimize cost and avoid health hazards. Constructing a prominent and enriching ‘Social Image” of the user was the second best reason, followed up by an edge to practice vaping indoors, over the outdoorsy normal smoking. From 2015 onwards, vaping still though a relatively recent convention, has intensified on this “Build Social Representation” angle steadily and spread like a wildfire. The original impetus towards quitting traditional tobacco has now taken a backseat.

Another unique and classy phenomenon that has taken the world almost by storm is the emergence of the supremely popular ”Hookah Bars’. Hookah is a socially renowned culture and tradition in the Middle East and is a globally accepted social activity  In this case,vapor or e-liquid is transmitted through a basin called shisha which is filled with water before being in-breathed through a pipe. However, now you can enjoy the joy on your own as well by paying a visit to Herbalize Store US or Herbalize Store CA to have a look on the wide choices of vaping accessories, and be sure that your happiness will know no bounds.

Researches based on awesome sources and recent vape utilization statistics; indicate that a big percentage of users initially started clinging onto vaping, with the sole objective of changing their lifestyle, cost cutting and improving overall health of the family. However with the passage of time, vaping became an interesting hobby and inspired them to bolster their social standing and prominence. These are the same people who are nowadays constantly engaged in multiple up gradation of their e-cigarette devices. They have developed an intrinsic delight and fondness towards more recent techniques like sub-ohm vaping, cloud-chasing. The researchers also stated that these findings and statistics are ably supported by evidences which their previous studies and anecdotes covered.

Thus with its far-reaching effect in stimulating the experience of smoking, less complexity involved in internet sales, the users can purchase vaped cigarettes from an ever increasing market of online sellers and distributors. Ensuring maximum health and safety standards, easy accessibility, providing simplest of ways to abandon smoking, vapes are undoubtedly the most in-thing in the contemporary market. And with the vaping technology, gaining steam and speedily evolving into something very streamlined, coordinated and user-friendly, this trend is surely going to continue and entertain millions for years.

Source: Medical Marijuana Blog
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