Many patients are questioning the benefits of CBD – wondering how the non-psychoactive component could benefit their various conditions.

In simple terms, CBD helps restore balance. Bringing your endocannabinoid system into sync will promote balance to both your immune system and central nervous system – targeting pain, inflammation, stress, and healing. Below are just a few of the many benefits of THC-Free CBD…

1. Treat the source, not the symptom

The first time I met Ken Schultz, our sales director and CBD expert, I asked him what the difference in benefits between THC and CBD are. He explained it something like this… “It’s really different for everyone but in general I’ll say this…we tend to recognize the medicinal properties of THC because we reach for it when we are having a flare up or episode. With CBD on the other hand, it should be used as a supplement, not something you take as needed. As your endocannabinoid system balances out properly – it actually prevents the episodes, flare-ups, or pain from occurring in the first place.”

2. Promotes homeostasis of the immune and central nervous system after 90 days

The endocannabinoid system of the human body plays a major role in balancing out both the central nervous system and the immune system, which explains its crucial role in relief from such a variety of physical and mental disorders. Supplementing with CBD provides the endocannabinoids and receptors to better support the immune and nervous system, promoting homeostasis after just 90 days…putting your system into complete balance.

3. CBD can balance or off-set the psychoactive properties of THC

Many people don’t like the effects of THC, and even when recommended as treatment may be uneasy at the idea of being “high.” CBD can actually balance out the effects of THC if you feel you may have consumed more than desired. Dr. Bryan Doner further explains, “CBD on its own can help offset the psychoactive effects that is often caused by THC. For those patients who have difficulty tolerating the psychoactive effects of certain medical cannabis preparations, increased CBD intake can help lessen or minimize those effects.” One great way to do this, is to always have some of Captain Kirk’s CBDers on hand. These hard candies come 4 in a pack, and patients can choose from a variety of dosages and flavors! These and our other CBD products are available in any of our locations, or right on our website!

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