Walgreens, which is arguably Middle America’s hometown pharmacy, is strongly considering medical marijuana.

Perhaps they’re not doing it on their main web site, but there’s definitely a full feature article on staywell.walgreens.com, a domain set up to interact with customers on Tumblr. And not only is it quite well-written by a Walgreens pharmacist, but it’s what writers call “straight coverage”, with no pot jokes or references to illegal or recreational activity. There are even references at the end!

There’s been some intense speculation among cannabis activists as to what’s going on here. We don’t have any inside information, but we do know that Walgreens became a nationwide chain during alcohol Prohibition, when people could get doctor’s prescriptions for alcohol and Walgreens was happy to fill them. So if there’s a chance that history may repeat itself on a national level, Walgreens is in a position to benefit from that. Regular pharmacies in several countries make medicinal cannabis available legally and safely, and a group representing individual pharmacies in Canada is attempting to do the same.

Source: The 420 Times
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