Combating COVID-19 with Virtual MMJ Consultations & Telemedicine Services

With virtual MMJ consultations, general telemedicine appointments, or pharmaceutical-grade CBD products delivered to your door…CCC is here for our community and seeks to provide comfort during a time when everyone on the planet just needs a little compassion.

All across the world, business owners are struggling to adapt to quickly imposed financial burdens, forced to lay-off imperative employees, and even face company shut-downs. However, a few industries have proven their resilience throughout the COVID pandemic – and the medical marijuana industry is one of them. Those who work in cannabis have grown accustomed to adjusting their business practices at the drop of a hat – as laws regarding cannabis medicine and regulation have always been subject to daily changes. This ability has given those on this side of the medical industry a bit of an advantage – and business is booming as many patients seek to calm anxieties, ease tension, and find relief from medical symptoms.

Many state governments, including Pennsylvania, have ordered all non-essential businesses to close temporarily to slow the spread of the virus COVID-19. Some businesses have been able to shut down their storefronts and find new ways to serve their customers. Because of its long-awaited recognition as a valid medical treatment that thousands depend on – Cannabis dispensaries are recognized as a pharmacy and able to continue operations. Existing patients are now allowed a higher purchase limit, the convenience of online ordering, and curb-side pickup. Dispensaries however are not allowing anyone inside, as many medical marijuana patients are among those labeled as at “high-risk” if they should contract the virus.

During this time many individuals are stuck in their homes, unable to be with friends and family for comfort in a time of so much uncertainty. The added stress of all these restrictions and changes is triggering for many, has prompted many to seek out medical cannabis certification (anxiety having been added as a qualifying condition last July) for relief. Therefore, temporary changes have also been implemented for obtaining a medical marijuana card during this pandemic.

Compassionate Certification Centers was one of the first local physicians to offer virtual consultations. Patients can register online at, use the live web-chat there, or call 888-316-9085 to schedule a time to meet with a physician over video chat. Medical records can be scanned and emailed, faxed, or obtained directly from your healthcare provider. “We have seen a huge influx in patients since opening up a virtual option,” says Melonie Kotchey, founder and C.E.O. of Compassionate Certification Centers. “We’ve seen calls increase by almost 20% – we’ve heard from patients whose anxiety has become otherwise unmanageable, others who are having difficulties obtaining their usual prescription medications and looking for somewhere to turn, even some who hadn’t previously certified because they are unable to physically make it to an office. It is great to know we can provide some sort of comfort in these difficult times.” CCC also offers an array of pharmaceutical grade, lab-tested CBD products in a variety of forms and dosages shipped right to your door (and through 4/30 you can use the code 420SALE for 20% CCC branded products). Visit for the current catalog of selections.

CCC additionally offers virtual urgent care services through a partnership with D&P Medical group. Through this platform, patients can speak with board-certified emergency physicians who are able to perform evaluations and prescribe testing and medications, all from a simple telehealth platform. Patients seeking to be evaluated for symptoms from the comfort of their own homes while avoiding unnecessary exposure or transmission risk during the current COVID-19 outbreak. Patients experiencing both unrelated to COVID, as well as those looking to be evaluated for official testing. Insurance is accepted for all non-cannabis related consultations. For more information on these services visit or call 888-316- 9085 ext. 8