At the 2018 UN General Assembly, Trump calls on global leaders to escalate war on drugs and create a “drug-free future.”

While President Trump’s ludicrous self-praise at the United Nations General Assembly – “my administration has accomplished more than almost any…in the history of the country” – provoked an outburst of laughter from about 190 countries, his unstable worldview is no laughing matter. Nor is his desire to escalate the war on drugs.

In a meeting Trump hosted at the 2018 UN General Assembly, underway in New York throughout the week of Sept. 25, 2018 , Trump and his administration called on global leaders to escalate the war on drugs and create a “drug-free future.”

As the Trump administration has been ramping up the drug war at home, he and his fanatics are now it’s trying to export its disastrous agenda abroad.

“Trump’s on the wrong side of history. An overwhelming majority of Americans know that the drug war has failed miserably, and we need to make clear where we stand,” said the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) in a statement.

“It’s clear that Trump is using the U.N. gathering as an opportunity to feign leadership on drug policy. But we know he’s far from a leader on this issue, he’s actually taken us backwards and made the drug war even worse.”

Since taking office in January 2017, Trump and his administration have fueled divisive fear-mongering campaigns, attempted to overturn voters’ rights in legal cannabis states, threatened medicinal cannabis access and pushed for harsher drug laws, more arrests and longer sentences – all despite recent polls showing that record numbers of Americans support legal medical marijuana, 85% and 64% believe recreational cannabis should also be legal.

Even former “marijuana is a gateway drug” pusher, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, has signed a law allowing medical cannabis to be used for chronic pain in an effort to alleviate the opioid crisis gripping our country.

Last year alone, overdoses crisis claimed 72,000 lives as Trump and his drug warriors seek to intensify deadly policies while offering no real solutions that will save lives.

Not only do the majority of Americans support sensible drug policies and agree that the failed war on drugs has devastated many communities, especially black and brown, former world leaders are now calling for responsible regulation of all drugs in a new report by the Global Commission on Drug Policy.

Source: The Weed Blog


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