If you’re into yoga and also into smoking cannabis, there’s an event coming up that you might be interested in.

It’s called Cannabliss Retreats, and it combines yoga, natural medicine and cannabis. It’s happening in Ojai, Calif., June 22-26.

“We need to be educated on how to use plant medicines properly, the benefits in which they can influence our lives and when used consciously, how they can enhance our life experience. Allowing us to shed what no longer serves us and step into a way of life that elevates our understanding of our existence. Everyday is an opportunity to wake up” says Sari Gabbay, the creator of the retreat.

People will enjoy natural medicines like Kava Kava and Cacao alongside cannabis sessions, meditation and yoga. People who go will get all kinds of organic food, and some of it will of course be cannabis-infused. Going for one day will run you $280, while three days costs $750. Sounds like fun.

Source: The 420 Times
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