Your cannabis business brand is an integral part of your business and helps create a unique experience for consumers.

By Heather Ritchie

In 2017, there were approximately 20,000 to 28,000 cannabis businesses in the United States. That number will only increase exponentially, which means now is the time to build a brand that sets you apart from the rest.

The word brand is usually associated with a logo or company name. However, your brand is so much more. It represents not only what people can see or hear about your company, but the feeling or emotion it gives.

Brand Loyal consumers represent brands that align with their core beliefs. They repeatedly buy the same brand and wear merchandise because they agree with the product or mission. Whether that be prestige, belief, fashion, or fun, Look at your business as if it has a personality and human character traits to help you create a brand that connects with the marketplace and consumers.

Brand building is a vital part of your business, and you don’t have to break the bank to create it. All you need is creativity and a little effort. The work to keep the consumers’ interest is the hard part because the cannabis marketplace is saturated with different brands all competing for attention.

Establish Your Identity

What is your brand synonymous with and what does it stand for? Remarkable businesses succeed because they feel real and their identity is clearly defined. The brands that customers relate to connect with their minds and heart and sell more than products and services. Building your brand relies on that identity as it dictates your packaging, logo, communication and more.

Vibrant Visuals

Your brand’s appearance is critical. Your logo, packaging, and other physical representations must make an impression with consumers. The logo you choose should project the company’s personality. This is where something simple with appealing colors and visuals can stand out.

Create a logo that increases the visibility of your business and the customer’s awareness of your brand. Also, develop a style guide that you use in all of your marketing to maintain consistency so that you don’t confuse consumers.

Compliant Advertising and Packaging

Everyone has heard of the packaging requirements for cannabis. Many states have adopted regulations that require child-proof packaging and labeling that does not appear too appealing to children.

It is imperative that you understand your state’s regulations before you create your brand and advertising. If you make a mistake, it may cost you serious money if you have to recreate everything because you didn’t follow the rules.

Your state most likely has specific rules for advertising like what percentage of your target audience are 21 and over. While it’s not the fun part of branding, learning about local laws and regulations is a crucial part of the process.

Social Media

Marketing cannabis businesses is tricky. Many social media sites limit what these companies can share with users and most forbid paid advertisements for cannabis.

Here is where you take the focus off of the product and highlight the experience and culture. Cannabis businesses have found that many customers discover brands through the cannabis experience and culture. Therefore, creating content is a great way to advertise and encourage the consumer to interact with your brand.

Hashtags are an excellent way to attract people by making your content more noticeable. Use hashtags that relate to the topics that cannabis user relate to and engage your audience. Social High, Duby, Grasscity Forum, and Growers Network are a few platforms that cater specifically to cannabis.

The Voice of Your Brand

Your brand’s voice must be unique and is key to establishing the personality of your company. The style of your communication helps customers associate your marketing with your business. This can be accomplished by social media posts or creating content for your blog.

Your Branding is Everything

Your branding is integral to every aspect of your business. Even your employees represent part of your branding. If they’re rude and not knowledgeable about cannabis and your business, your customers will remember their negative experience and associate it with your brand. Loyal fans can even contribute to your voice and engage in the branding process. This helps enhance your visibility online.

Set the bar for your business by creating a unique brand that customers can relate to. Make sure you stand out from the rest and that people see the value in choosing your products and services.

Source: The Weed Blog


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