Cigarette smoking habits have fallen sharply and hit an all-time low among teenagers according to a national survey that was conducted in America, based on the proportion of usage of prominent and well in-demand drugs by adolescents.

Many drugs that were the cynosure of eyes till very recently have now shown a steep declining trend. A sudden spate is observed in consumption of marijuana and more recently vaping, practices that are most commonly performed by teens and young generation. Success rates for smokers insistent on quitting the habit have recorded a significant high, thanks to a wide-spread boost in the use of e-cigarettes and marijuana. They are heralded as the most phenomenal success stories inrecent years and have taken the tobacco industry by storm worldwide.

Fall in tobacco, alcohol and substance abuse

A survey backed by the central government was conducted, by gathering data from a significant sample size of ~40K students between 8th, 10th and 12thgrade students, from public and private schools and institutions nationwide. It hinted majorly on the ever growing saleability and adulation of vaping devices. They come in an endless array of styles, designs appealing to varied social groups.However the overall analysis and results of the survey looked hopeful and optimistic. It was observed that percentage of teenage consumption of most common illicit substances like tobacco, alcohol, prescription drugs and stimulants (that involve sniffing of gases and sprays), have either plummeted to an appreciable extent or remained steady and low as compared to previous years.Despite increased usage of opioid painkillers among adults, teen rates of opioidslike OxyContin use show a constant downslide. Dramatic reductions have been reported in the application of opioids and heroin among teens and adolescents. They are found to be dipping into painkiller medications less often.

Increased usage of marijuana

Rates at which marijuana have been used remained at consistent levels with slight shifts in the past few years. Studies however indicate a rise in the utilization rates of marijuana especially among the young and the adolescents. Increase in teen association with marijuana in the recent years, can be attributed to the perception and awareness among individuals, that the latest drug composition is less risky and unsafe than the olden variety found during the nineties. Historically, use of marijuana has upped reasonably well as adolescents perceive negligible risk and harm in using the product. The young and the teenagers have thus consistently denigrated the associated risks which have nosedivedand reststatic at its record lowest level ever in the last few decades. However concerns are being raised on how the drug,to an extent, can affect academic performance and lower chances of obtaining proper graduation from schools and colleges among students.

Rise in use of vapes and e-cigarettes

The simultaneousskyrocketingrise in the use of vaping devices has also been a welcome sign, as industry experts perceive them as a safer and healthier substitute to traditional cigarettes. Thelatest findings emphasize on the fact that vaping conventions have progressed markedly well beyond as a proxy tonormal cigarettes. They are bereft of the toxic and hazardous carcinogens, which are associated with combustible tobacco. The survey found these vaporizers, incredibly popular among youths.Vaping devices convert liquid flavorsmixed with marijuana or nicotine into a vapor inhalant. When asked about the actual substance they vaped, most of them expressed pristine and fresh flavors as the desired choice, while few small percentages spoke about marijuana, nicotine or hash oil as ingredients.They however don’t evenmuch realize that what they consume is nothing but a tobacco or its byproduct. Nonetheless vaping has been regarded as the latest delivery channel for a variety of substances.Most schools and colleges, across all social groups have noticed a considerable upsurge in vaping habits. Online vaping business has also achieved an edge with the up rise and online stores like Herbalize Store US or Herbalize Store CA found new means to enchant the vape users with new range of offerings.

The survey also presented few more positive encouraging findings:

  • Declining trend in the use of hookahs among teens
  • Rates of usage of traditional cigarettes in on an uniform wane
  • Alcohol addiction rates among teens decreasing sharply.

Dwindling figures in drug usage among teenagers surely have happened for good. However, one should not be feeling smug and complacent, while dealing with these delicate teen related issues. Every young generation is vulnerable and readily susceptible to lurking drug abuses and getting misdirected. It’s time we educate them and take them in our stride for their better tomorrow. Still, for the vaping enthusiasts it is indeed great news no doubt to cherish irrespective of all the negative aspects it tends to promote.

Source: Medical Marijuana Blog
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