Jeff Sessions still seems to be unwilling, or unable, to say certain words like “states’ rights.”

After having spent the past year as Trump’s whipping boy, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is trying to get the rest of us to love him, at least a little.

In his second day of hearings on Capitol Hill where he’s fielding questions from lawmakers about cannabis, Jeff Sessions still seems to be unwilling, or unable, to say certain words like “states’ rights.”

But, something is happening.

“Let’s be frank. What they’d like is a statement that they’ve been provided a safe harbor. I don’t believe I can give that,” he said. “They’ll just have to look and make their own decision about how they conduct a marijuana enterprise.”

Oh how fun…a riddle.

Sessions was responding to a question from democratic Congressman Derek Kilmer from Washington State.

“The state of Washington and other states have either eliminated or virtually eliminated marijuana restrictions, some for medicine only and some for so-called recreational use,” said Sessions, reported the Marijuana Moment.

“It remains a violation of federal law. That’s not off the books. The federal law is still enforceable throughout the country and I have felt it not appropriate for me to somehow give a safe harbor or protection to areas around the country where it still remains a violation of federal law,” continued Sessions, who added that federal prosecutors are still free to enforce prohibition.

“United States attorneys in your home state and every state have been instructed to use their financial resources and capabilities and their judgment, after meeting with local law enforcement and local leaders, to pursue the case they think are important and worthy, and I can’t exclude marijuana from that,” Sessions said. “I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to do so.”

And God knows we wouldn’t want our Attorney General to do anything inappropriate.

Sessions reiterated his oft’ expressed view that “…marijuana is not a healthy substance.”

Although he acknowledged at Wednesday’s hearings that “very few, almost zero” people have died from marijuana consumption and “there may well be some benefits from medical marijuana.”

While it’s all a bit foggy at the moment, Marijuana Policy Project’s Don Murphy tweeted some optimism: “Maybe we’re starting to get through to Jeff Sessions.”

Source: The Weed Blog


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