Richard Branson has some words of advice for people who are thinking about getting into the marijuana industry: “Screw it, just do it.”

Branson spoke at the cannabis industry’s New West Summit in San Francisco over the weekend, and that’s how he replied when asked what advice he would give to marijuana entrepreneurs.

Branson said those words have been his personal motto during his storied career. As Business Insider points out, the mogul has been a member of Global Commission on Drug Policy for some time now. That commission is focused on how to end the War on Drugs and make drug policies more reasonable.

“If I was not part of the global drug commission, I certainly would be out there in this industry,” Branson said. “It’s an industry with enormous potential, and it can do a lot of good.”

“I’m going to go have a spliff, I think,” Branson said at the end of his talk.

Richard Branson has not been quiet about how he feels about the War on Drugs, and marijuana specifically. In March, a statement on Virgin’s website expressed why he and the commission feel the War on Drugs must end. It featured information about a new book called “End the War on Drugs,” which is a collection of 12 essays that explain how the War on Drugs has failed.

“My fellow Commissioners, many of them former Heads of State or Government, have spent much time on the frontlines of the global drug trade,” the statement read. “So, last fall I invited a few of them, as well as some other experts, to share their perspective on what should and must be done to end the violence, the bloodshed, the suffering, and the waste that have been going on for nearly six decades now.”

Ending the War on Drugs book cover

“The result is Ending the War on Drugs, a collection of twelve insightful and accessible essays, that show how massive the impact of the drug wars has been on societies and economies everywhere – and what better and more effective alternatives could look like.”

We’ve previously reported on times when Branson spoke out about marijuana, like when he said parents should smoke it with their children. It’s hard to say, but Branson may be the most successful and coolest marijuana advocate in the world.

Source: The 420 Times
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