“Oregon: The State of Cannabis” is a documentary film by Amy McDermott starring Jim Belushi.

Studio McDermott has been plugging away at I what I foresee as being one of the most insightful and well researched documentaries regarding cannabis legalization to date. “Oregon: The State of Cannabis” began filming in September 2014 prior to the passage of Measure 91, which made Oregon the third state in country to legalize recreational cannabis.

This project captures the transition from a medical marijuana state to a legal recreational state and how it is affecting the way cannabis is perceived, researched, consumed and distributed. Through the voices of the industry, scientists, patients and politicians the differences between recreational and medical cannabis are examined and defined. First hand accounts and interviews with people from all over the industry and movement in a state that has pioneered medical cannabis use and now cannabis legalization for years are featured in this film, and the insight it offers others in unparalleled.

Performer and Oregonian, Jim Belushi will star in the documentary being filmed on location throughout the state of Oregon; interacting with various Oregon scientists, patients, politicians, doctors and cannabis culture experts. Mr.Belushi will investigate and provide overview of Oregon’s transition from a medical marijuana state to a legal recreational state examining how it’s changing the way cannabis is perceived, researched, consumed and distributed.

It is perhaps more critical now than ever that the message this film carries reach the public, policy makers, industry professionals, and activists across the country and you can help that happen.

In 2014, Oregonians ended cannabis prohibition. This historic decision has delivered Oregonians to the precipice of the great unknown. In this film, we meet the pioneers who are presently mapping Oregon’s path through the uncharted territory of cannabis legalization – a landscape filled with unparalleled opportunity.

From Studio McDermott:

We have been shooting non-stop since September, 2014. Our efforts have produced hundreds of hours of interviews and event coverage that reveal a grand, twisting tale of inspiration, and intrigue, from the perspective of the entrepreneurs, lawmakers, scientists, and patients that are now authoring the future of cannabis in Oregon.

This is a story that must be told and we need your help to make it happen. We are now seeking funding to complete filming and post-production.


Source: The Weed Blog


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