The percentage of Americans who admit they use marijuana has nearly doubled since 2013.

That’s according to the latest poll from the Gallup organization. It found that while 7 percent of respondents in 2013 admitted using pot regularly, 13 percent of them do today.

Nearly half of all Americans — 43 percent — say they’ve tried cannabis at least once, according to the poll. The percentage in 1969 was only four percent.

One in five Americans under the age of 30 use pot regularly, the organization found.

“States’ willingness to legalize marijuana could be a reason for the uptick in the percentage of Americans who say they smoke marijuana, regardless of whether it is legal in their particular state,” Gallup says. “Gallup finds residents in the West — home of all four states that have legalized recreational marijuana use — are significantly more likely to say they smoke marijuana than those in other parts of the country.”

Gallup asked 1,023 Americans 18 and older about marijuana between July 13-17.

“As nine states vote on various levels of marijuana legalization this fall, 2016 could mark a significant legal shift on the issue,” according to the organization.

You don’t say.

Source: The 420 Times
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