is a California-based medical marijuana delivery service that provides the finest items, discreetly shipped to patients’ homes.

Los Angeles, CA, August 29, 2016: In the new world of legalized medical cannabis, the industry is beginning to show signs of becoming similar to traditional pharmaceuticals and pharmacies. Medical marijuana patients can now have their medicines delivered directly to their homes by The California company provides high quality medical marijuana products, including concentrates, edibles, hybrid, Indica, Sativa, hemp, and much more. The offer their full menu at

“All of our products are the same quality you can expect from your local dispensary,” according to the FAQ page on “The major difference is that we are able to deliver it to anywhere and it’s always delivered discreetly.”

They bill through their sister company to keep the financial records as discreet as the shipping.

“We’re often asked if shipping marijuana products is legal. The answer is yes. is in full compliance with all of the laws governing medical marijuana in California,” according to the FAQ page on “Also as with any medical firm, our client records are 100% confidential in accordance with all HIPAA rules, laws, and regulations.” also provides CBD (cannabidiol) online items for those patients who would prefer the benefits of this incredible healing oil without the psychoactive properties of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). All their items are tested for purity and meet all California standards for medical marijuana products.


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