It looks like marijuana’s momentum is not going to stop any time soon. According to a brand new Pew survey, 57 percent of Americans think marijuana should be legalized. Only 37 percent said it should remain illegal.

Support for legalization has been increasing steadily for decades, and the last Pew survey that focused on legalization found 53 percent supported it. Just a decade ago, 60 percent of Americans thought marijuana should remain illegal. It’s clear states legalizing medical and recreational marijuana has had a significant impact on what people think about weed.

What’s really interesting is what you see when you look at how different demographics feel about legalization. By age, the biggest supporters of legalization are obviously millennials. The survey found 71 percent of millennials support legalization. However, a majority of people in every age group up to 70 years old support legalization. Generation X supports it by 57 percent, and 56 percent of Baby Boomers support it. Only 33 percent of the “Silent” generation, people over 70, support legalizing.

In terms of party affiliation, it shouldn’t be surprising that more Democrats than Republicans support legalization, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a ton of Republicans who want to legalize. Legalization got support from 41 percent of Republicans, 63 percent of Independents and 66 percent of Democrats. Liberal Democrats love weed the most, with a whopping 78 percent supporting legalization. Only 33 percent of conservative Republicans support weed becoming legal.

Men apparently like weed a little more than women, because 60 percent of men support legalization to 55 percent of women. The more educated also like weed more than the poorly educated, as 63 percent of people with some college support legalizing while 53 percent of people who’ve completed high school or less support it.

I, personally, find how each race thinks of weed the most interesting. White people and black people support legalizing equally, at 59 percent, and 46 percent of Hispanic people support it.

As we’ve said before, any presidential candidate trying to get the millennial vote (Hillary) should really consider supporting legalization. You’ll almost surely get their vote, and at least a majority of people from most other generations would be fine with it too.

Source: The 420 Times
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